Thursday, August 17, 2017

Summer Projects

Now that traveling has ended for a bit I'm able to release the creative juices from my right brain and let the power tools exceed their limits!

I painted and sanded a bunch of frames.  Then I organized and assembled 7 different assortments of family photos according to the family tree.

Stained my back deck.

Made a DIY cherry picker to get the cherries from my really tall cherry tree.

My niece helped me stain one door to get it ready for sanding.

I sanded it so all the colors came through.  Then put frames and hooks on it to place scarfs and jewelry on it.

Cut a fire door to fit the frame.

Had to chisel out the hinges...old school.

And make my own door knob hole.

Put up a storm door.   Could not have done this by my self....actually, I hardly did anything except pay for all the supplies and lunch.
So, I wanted to do something special with all the wood I tore out of the wall I took down a few month ago.  I decided I wanted a porch swing.  I cut and sanded all the boards I would need for this project.
 Had my niece help me.

 We put the seat and the back pieces together.

 Then I attached the two pieces together.
 And added some arm rests.  Now, my frame wasn't strong enough to hold my bench.  So I enlisted the creative support from my dad.  We came up with finding some drop leaf ends of a table and turning the porch swing to a rocking bench.
 Out and about during a city rummage sale.  Found a table for $20!  And a couple of chairs for another project.
 The cat whisperer getting distracted.
 We cut the ends off the drop leafs and framed them in with some left over boards.
 Love these clamps!  Attached the rockers onto the bench.
 Added support beams.

And dat-dat-da-da-DAA!!!!!  My rocking bench!
 I love it!!!!

But my niece and nephew needed something to swing on as well!  So we found some old chairs and left over boards.  They sanded the boards.
 Knocked off the chair legs.
 My niece wanted to paint hers.
 And hung them up on the front trees.  They each have their tree and their chair swing.  Great inexpensive project for kids!

And then there is the story of the fantastic find of a box spring for $20.
Another project.....had to cut, rebuild the frame, and re-staple the fabric to the frame.  It works now but $20 bucks was not worth the mistake of not checking measurements.  UUUGGG!!!!

Hair Bling!

Why do you have to wait for that special day to put a little glits and glam to your hair.  I say.....every day is that special day.

Unfortunately, I don't remember how I did my hair from the day it never turns out the same.  But I certainly have had practice to get me ready for the new school year.

Family Time

Grammy went back into the hospital.  So the end of the move was spent at the hospital.  Mom and I are getting good at this.

 The infections are taking a toll on her body.

A little Snap Chat to relieve some anxiety.

 Brotherly love.

Don't want to get sun burnt......Love my flash-tats!

Man, I could spend a full day in this store!  I love me some glitter and shine!

Thought Grampa was reading.....turns out he was asleep.  Being sick wears you out!

Decided to refresh and bring some color to their new place.

A little more snap chat to lift up the spirits.