Saturday, August 26, 2017

Last Hike of the Summer.

Let's practice our Spanish and get exercise at the same time!  My mom's friend decided to take us on a hike so we could practice our Spanish.  I just didn't realize how steep the hike was....kind of hard to speak Spanish when you are out of breath.

 Rocky and Steep.

 Little tiny waterfall on the way up.

 Taking a breather.
 The trail turns a little rocky.

 On top of the world.

 Found a bench at the very top.

A great way to end the summer.

Eclipse 2017

This was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.  And to spend it with family and friends made love explode out of my heart.

It has started......everyone is finding their spot and first glimpse.

 We are settling in.
 My phone doesn't take the best pictures but I'm happy.

 They said their was an extra line in the shadows but I still can't see what they were talking about.
 Brother-in-law setting up his camera.

 It's getting closer.  My nephew isn't very interested and wants to be inside playing Legos.

 You can tell my pictures are getting darker.

It arrived and left too fast.
 Pictures from my brother-in-law's camera.

 And here you can barely see how the moon is covering the other side of the sun.
So blessed.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Darn Moles!

Man, I had my yard looking so nice and then it came.  Sneaking quietly under the earth, creating a maze of dead grass and mounds of dirt.  I've quit watering my grass in hopes the dirt will harden and you will be foiled to ruin another yard. 

Am I really surprised?  Yes.

Living next to green space, I had a Snow White fantasy world of deer, rabbits, and squirrels roaming around with their quizzical gazes and cute noses twitching as I sang beautiful arias while working in my yard.  Not once did a smell of skunk spray and a trail of dead grass (by moles) come into my vision of backyard pleasure.

Snow White fantasy has turned to the Huntsman vision.  My sister said her husband killed a mole and didn't eat meat for an entire week.  Luckily, I have a dad that likes to wear a Superman cape once in a while. 

Birthday Gift.

I love a Birthday Gift that keeps on giving.  Hopefully, the birds and squirrels won't take them all.  I don't even really like fruit, but with family members who are fruit lovers, how fun will this be for them!

Thank you for the Blueberry Bushes!  I love them and I hope they will bring you and your family much joy as the years go by!

Friday, August 18, 2017

Getting Ready for the Eclipse.

We waited in line and got our free glasses.  I can't even imagine over a million people coming to our state to watch this event.  The news is telling us to stock up on water, cash, gas, and food.  Also, they want us to stay off the roads because of heavy traffic and wanting less accidents (Are people going to try to watch the Eclipse while driving?).  Schools are closing, fire and police vehicles are going to be out at intersections and banks are bracing for attacks.  I'm surprised churches aren't proclaiming the second coming of Christ.

I should make a t-shirt stating:  'I Survived the Eclipse of 2017'

 The line to get free glasses.

I guess I have to survive this even first....before making the T-shirt.

A Hike with Friends.

Once again....the go-to activity when people come to visit from out of town.  We were too distracted to read a sign at the beginning of the hike where it states......"Trail washed out right before you get to the falls."

The scary hike up!  I guess the rain did wash away the trail...there is hardly anything left.
 A small waterfall that is left over from all the snow and rain we got during the winter and spring seasons.
 Made it to the top of the falls.

 So much fun spending time with this courageous woman.

And the scary hike back down.  More washed out trails.
And we made it without any falls, spills, or trips.  Not the case with the future hike on Mount to watch out for those roots sticking up from the ground......poor baby.