Monday, January 6, 2020

Vacation at the End of December

They had a nice time.  Great Wolf Lodge with all the fixings.  On their electronics, late nights, and scary videos (I cringed at that one as well).
A lot of swimming, rides, and great food.  Pizza, Portillos, Chinese, and I'm sure Costco.  They had their annual New Years Music Concert with guitar, piano. violin, and trumpet.  Your eldest came back talking like a teenager.  She loved the food, spending time with cousins, swimming, staying up late and trying to talk like she was a grownup.  It was fun listening to her.  And your baby trying to sleep on the way home.  He was so tired; you know.  They haven't talk about their presents and I'm afraid to ask.  For your baby's birthday Ben didn't want him to bring out one gift so not to make mom and dad feel bad.  Ben is very considerate of mom and dad's feelings.
As soon as I dropped them she went right to her hedgehog and he went straight to bed.  Sabrina doesn't like Molly and now stays up stairs....apparently under your bed.  AND!!!!  Corrie got married!  Engaged and married all in the same month!!!!!  Yep.  Saw her at the beginning of Dec. and without any thing is the announcement that she is married. 
Got to go pick up mom at the airport.  Love you.

To A New Year

It's here.  A new year.  A new beginning.  One that doesn't have any new pain.....yet.  I went to Texas to spend time with family.  It made mom happy, though I think it was more the shopping high that made her smile so much.  Grampa was terrible and looks miserable.  I have got to put things in place so that is not me in my old age.
Everyone was sick; Montana, Ryan, Uncle Bill, Aunt Tracy, Uncle Steve, Garrett, Scottie, and Grampa. 
I think I made Beckham cry every day I was there.  I thought I could be like AJ and do a fun activity with the younger cousins.  I took Fin and Beck to Whataburger for breakfast and all was going great until the dreaded thought that I could take them to Target for Hot Wheels came out of my mouth.  Well, Beck and I had different ideas of how much I was going to spend.  And Fin was the only one who ended with a toy.  I later gave Beck $5 to put in his piggy bank.
Then the next day I set off the house alarm going into the garage to get a bottle of water.  This woke up the boys and the next think I know Beck is crying.  Turned out Scottie got sick in the middle of the night so their sledding trip to N.M. was cancelled.  Man....I tell you.  If this kept up I was going to have to stay a different family member's house.
Didn't see much of the kids after that.....ha. ha.

I did take Levi out to lunch at Burger King and that was very nice.  So, that might be my fun little outing in the future.  Going for lunch at a place of their choice.

Found the CUTEST Betsy Johnson dress at Dillards!  Pink, Sheer, Ruffles, Stretchy, and it has insects on it!  So much fun!  I can't wait to wear it to school. 

Rachel wants to take Aunt Tracy to Charlotte.  Thought that might be a fun girls trip.  Maybe there will be a fun tea place?  How many Charlottes' are there in the States?  Maybe I should look that up first so we are all on the same page.

A new year.  You are not forgotten.  You are in every one of my smiles, giggles, and shopping trips.  Even though we are creating new memories you are there in our hearts, thoughts, and breath.  My tears will not be few; Love demands it.  I love you with all my heart.

Made It Through the Holidays

It was hard.  There were tears and sobs.  I barely made it through the Bible reading before opening gifts.  And it was weird, even a guilty feeling, knowing they weren't buying you any gifts.  We spent too much money.  I was over compensating for not buying you anything.  Maybe we all were.
Your daughter got a night stand.  You would love it.  Very plain; grey and white....just your colors.  Dad painted the outside white and kept the inner cubbies the original grey. 
Your son got a Lego set of Trafalgar Square.  That was their big gift from mom and dad.  I got skies.  I'm now a skier and trying to take more days off to spend time with dad up on the mountain.  He is big on drills...Lord help my shins.
Your baby also got a mountain bike.....because we know how much he loves extreme sports...ha, ha.  And your eldest got a chrome's huge.  She loves it and they set it up right way.  They were the only ones who got stockings this year.....(well, I got one the next day because mom knows my heart.)  Ben did great on gifts!  Next year I will do better.  I think he wants gifts that he can work/figure out during Christmas day.  Electronics.
That night mom, dad, and I went to the night service so we could listen to a choir singing so our minds focus on the birth of our Christ.  It was emotional for me.  You have better music and I'm sure your singing nonstop with the voices of all the angels. 
The coffee cake was delish!!  And you would have loved it.  Someone else made the eggs..... Mom was surprised.  And we had sausage instead of bacon.  I thought mom was going to start crying but we had a little Christmas of our own the next day and she made her bacon then....and burnt it; poor mom.
They tried their best with the Advent Calendar.  Ben is tired and I don't know if planning is really his calling.  But for a 'Fly By the Seat of their Pants' Advent year I think it went pretty well.  One night they went to buy Onzie PJ's and went off to the zoo lights.

And Christmas morning I took them to the traditional trip to the airport.  And they were off.

So we have survived Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The magic is gone; it left in April.  Knowing it was never going to be the same.  Waiting for the 'holidays' to end and thinking non-holidays have less pain.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Buisness Model for the Classroom

Dad said that you can't value what you don't understand.  So what do the kids understand in my Title 1 school?  Money and rewards.

So, I'm going to look into a buisness plan.  Make an outline for a buisness model in my classroom.  here are my thoughts so far:

I'm CEO.  I hand out the majority of PAWS.  Work the small group interventions.
They can get fired but re-instated.  If they get fired they loose their priviledges and have to work their way back I need a plan for this.
PAWS (reward slips) = money.
They get paid money (Monopoly money) each day according to their PAWS (compliments).
Accountants, Human Resources, Board Director, Departments, Workers, Planners, Writers, Designers, Builders, Bankers.....different jobs in the company.
They can change jobs through a process.
They can have a savings account.
They can purchase rewards with their party, PJ party, pencils, notebooks, stickers, action figures.....(store?)
They can get bonuses if their department out performs their goals?
Using academic language.

When the company is running efficiently then they would be able to complete tasks in their department.....
Math:  deal with the money in the company.
Reading:  Reading the policies in the company.
Writing:  Writing the policies for the company.
Health:  We do center at company.
Science:  Professional Development to enhance our ideas for company growth.

This has probably been done before...but I love this idea and how it can help bring a special kind of classroom management into the classroom.

IDA conference

It was wonderful!  I met Barbara Wilson!!!   I could listen to her till the cows come home and then more.  She has made such an impact on Dyslexics around the world.  I will forever be indebted to her program for helping me learn how to read and spell.  I saw this ad for a documentary about educating prison inmate...what if I could bring her program to them?  Maybe that is what I will do when I retire....I highly doubt a job search would come up for Dyslexic Therapist needed in prison reform. Anyway....
Interesting at the conference, when I talked to the researchers after their session they supported Data Based Intervention and when I talked to the Reading therapist after their session they supported Reading Remediation Interventions.  So I'm back to square one at my work...still not knowing what to do.  I wish the schools would let Dyslexics in the school setting to complete remediation to the dyslexic students......RTI for reading incorporates too many students who are low in reading for too many different reasons.
I met a Dyslexic support group from my district and they invited me to their Sunday meeting.  So I feel there is some support but they are so far behind my needs that I don't know how to get the support I need.  They are in talks of providing teachers with accommodations for the LD students.  I want to talk about the different interventions for the LD students.  They want assissted technology in the school system for the LD student.  I want the students to be evaluated so we know what kind of assistant technology best meets their needs.  There needs to be better training.  There needs to be more than just a law....there needs to be accountability.
And so the talks will still continue....and if there is any will be far too late.

Your Baby Girl

She is anxious.  Growing up, but you can tell she is a little lost.  I watched them the other night and the sweet girl painted our nails....pee your pants hilarious.  We did a movie marathon with the Spy Kids series.  And then we just talked until her dad came home. 
She talked about how the teacher uses her to reexplain what the assignment is for the kids who were not paying attention.  She is super annoyed by this.....hilarious!  It sounds like her advisory teacher likes to vent to either her or the class...but I'm guessing it's her.  And she wanted to hear stories of when she was a baby and you were pregnant with her.  She loves hearing about you and how much you loved her.
She's 13.....unbelievable.  For Christmas she wants gift cards....unthinkable for supplies and red plaid clothing.  Gone are the days of cute dresses, now it's black leggings and sporty t-shirts.  Grammy says she is ready for 0 petite size clothing.....and we begin the awkward clothing phase.  You remember our awkward 80's phase?  Stir-up pants, oversized shirts, neon colors, and big earrings.  Speaking of big jewelry....I had a student who picked out the biggest piece of jewelry in my prize box (from Aunt you know it was big).  He said, "I'm from Milwaukee and we like to wear big jewelry."  So cute...he wore that necklace like he was Tupac down the hallway of our school; so proud...chest out and head held up high......This big blinged out cross that took up half his chest, for the world to see.
 Your first born, remembered the Lord's Prayer and I will continue to say it with them every chance that I get to put them to bed.  A remembrance of his will, forgiveness, power, and glory forever.....even while our tears are streaming down our faces.....a much needed reminder.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Starting to Look

What is Frustrating:  No common goals between me and teachers, no true double dose, no curriculum, no encouragement/praise, no breaks, no protected lunch, no understanding of technology, administration who will be gone for a month for a surgery she could have done over the summer, administration that cries at every staff meeting, no collaboration, other people are putting their jobs onto my plate, not enough subs, I have to see classroom which a poorly managed,

I've already met with my old principal to talk about my options.  She wants me to try to get hired right away but it just doesn't feel right.  But I'm looking each week.  And I'm starting to clean out my room.  4 bags of recycled papers and 5 boxes of items to go to Goodwill.  Mom wishes I had taken the Reading Specialist job at her school.  The woman that got hired is not very good.  But she is going to the IDA conference this week so I think that shows signs of promise. excited!  There is going to be so much good information.  Wilson and Pickering will be there!  I wish you were around so I can talk to you about the sessions.

If I became a classroom teacher I could have a lunch, PLC's, manage my own classroom/not be in other teacher's classrooms, morning and afternoon recess, collect data, rewards for my students,  collaboration,

What could be frustrating:  Not getting support, not having SPED students get their minutes, parents, bodily fluids, trauma impacted kids, large class size, students who are absent, no EA, a lot of reading for new curriculum, report cards, a lot more standards besides reading, organizing field trips, lesson plans for subs, positive phone calls, referrals, runners, sensory over load,

A lot of my frustrations is with the district.  I can't think that the grass is greener on the other side.  But I do like professional change.  And I'll keep talking it out, keep looking, and put one foot forward through the doors that open.